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Our Story

For many years the founder, Rob Scott, has enjoyed advising business leaders in the private and public sectors in Canada, the US and UK. Over the last 10 years he was part of the Canadian and Global leadership teams of the world's largest "Big Four" professional services firm as it successfully returned to the consulting business. Having enjoyed success as a senior partner in a large firm, Rob elected to start ember advisory in October 2013. By running his own firm, Rob returns to his passion of working with a small portfolio of clients to help them achieve the goals they value most.

In its first year of operation, ember advisory is growing quickly with clients in financial services and the technology industry. We've passed $1.5 million in sales and have begun to build the team. On May 29th 2014 we officially launched ember advisory at the "Big Fish Awards" in Toronto. This fun evening of storytelling provided a great venue to introduce ember advisory to the business community and to reconnect with old friends. The evening was captured in video and photos which you can find on the events page of this site.

Bringing together strategy, technology and business process can be challenging. Engaging experienced advisors can help reduce risk, and  increase the probability of success.  

Our mission is to enable our clients to identify and achieve the goals they value most. To be able to do so, we must understand not only what is important to our client, but the environment and industry in which they work. We draw upon our experience, and that of our network, to develop creative insights and solutions. We apply these insights in the form of pragmatic, actionable advice. The result is measurable value for our clients.