The Big Fish Awards 2014: It's In the Can


On May 29th, about 80 friends, colleagues and clients gathered at the Baltic Avenue bar in Toronto, Canada to celebrate the first annual Big Fish Awards for Best Tech Tales. With the help of two hilarious MCs Matt Baram and Chris Gibbs, five brave storytellers shared tales including:

  • "The Old Man and the Blackberry"....where sometimes adoption is just about putting the technology in their hands to get them to hook line and sinker
  • "Animals, Technology and Limitless Complexity"...that taught us that in technology projects "perfect is the enemy of good"
  • The Enchanted Forest” ....where even the animals of the forest are not safe from cyber security threats
  • "The Eyes and Ears of the RCAF"...that reminded us that sometimes a simple, well executed non technology solution can beat a state of the art technology solution costing billions 
  • "Ping & Maria": the evening's winner was Daniel Parkinson telling Ping & Maria: The story bridged the lives of Ping in Shanghai and Maria in rural Nicaragua while beautifully illustrating how hope for a better life is enabled by a simple technology, a bicycle wheel from China, made by Ping. 

In the second round we welcomed to the stage four even braver storytellers for an improv round. All four did a great job spontaneously coming up with creative stories, while keeping with our theme of technology. The pictures do not do justice to the bravery and enthusiasm they demonstrated. 


We also launched "Winds of Change". A way in which we intend to give back to the people of rural Nicaragua through a simple but effective technology: wind powered irrigation pumps. 

As a fan of storytelling and the outdoors, I chose to launch ember advisory in a unique and memorable way. Feedback from the event attendees was fantastic, and I was thrilled to have hosted such a creative, inspiring evening.

How have you used or seen storytelling to change the game in your experience?

Watch for the videos from the event in the coming weeks!