Our Mission

We enable clients to achieve the goals they value most

At ember we work collaboratively with our clients to understand what is important to them. By bringing together capabilities in strategy, technology and business process we apply our industry knowledge to develop creative insights. Recommendations are presented in the form of pragmatic, actionable advice that focuses on the goals that matter most. We develop a human connection with our clients by providing them with honest and objective advice and the personal attention they deserve. 

Our Core Values (Ember CHARTER)

Collaboration: at ember we nurture open communication and work as a team to achieve our goals. We work collaboratively with our clients on each project, forming a partnership, to deliver the highest value. 

Honesty: at ember we value transparency and strive to be truthful with ourselves and others, regardless of the situation. We communicate honestly and candidly, even when it is not easy to do so. 

Accountability: at ember we take responsibility for our actions, decisions and recommendations.  We are firm believers in learning through doing so we provide each team member with authority to perform their role, and then hold them accountable.  We recruit only those who are committed to ember’s mission and who strive to exceed expectations. 

Respect: at ember we foster an open, inclusive environment, founded on the respect we have for one another.  We conduct our business in a professional manner that is reflected by our respect for our team, clients and the communities in which we live. 

Trust: at ember we believe that the foundation of any strong relationship is based on mutual trust.  Within the ember team, our trust allows us to work cohesively to continually exceed client expectations.  With clients and business partners, we foster trust to develop a human connection that allows us to be effective in enabling clients to achieve the goals they value most.

Excellence: at ember we pursue excellence.  We measure our success based on our ability to provide value to our team, clients, community and shareholders.  We provide our team with a fun work environment where they can learn, grow and develop personally and professionally.

Responsibility: at ember we give back through our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.  We strive to remain humble and use our success to help sustain the environment and educate, assist and improve the lives of local and global communities in need.