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Business and Technology Strategy

It used to be that a CIO would wait for the company to articulate its business strategy then build an IT strategy to support it. While this is better than building an IT strategy completely disconnected, it creates a serious risk; the risk that innovations in technology fundamentally change the competitive dynamic in which the business competes.  

Technology enables new insights, new channels, and new connections that allow for the development of completely different business models. With iTunes Apple redefined the music industry, Expedia redefined travel, and Amazon is remaking retail at an astonishing rate. Companies that limit technology to a tool that delivers traditional business strategy miss the opportunity to redefine their business model and capture the imagination of its clients. 

 We help our clients to see technology as an enabler of business strategy AND as the ember that can get a new fire started.

Too often business strategies and technology strategies are not aligned, and communication between the IT function and the business it supports are broken. The result is poor return on IT investments and opportunities missed. ember advisory has extensive experience in bridging the gap and facilitating alignment between the IT function and the rest of the business.



ember advisory

Post Merger Integration & Carve Out support

Following the completion of an acquisition, merger, or carve out transaction, the first 100 days are critical to ensure that transitions are effective and that expected benefits are realized. Technology often plays a key role in integrations, but is too often the cause of heartache. ember advisory's experience with multiple integrations will help you to ensure that expected synergies are realized, staff are engaged, and risks are managed.  




ember advisory

Project Advisory and Oversight

Transformational projects can bring significant risk and cost to your business. By their very nature large projects place demands on your organization and your people beyond the norm. Even with the help of a systems integrator, vendor or consulting firm it can be a challenge to keep on track. As your project advisor we work with you and your integrator, vendor or consultant to ensure a successful conclusion. ember advisory draws from many years of experience managing large scale transformational projects to bring confidence to management, the board and the business owners that risks are managed and expected benefits will be realized. 


ember advisory

Digital Commerce/Online Strategy

Many Canadian companies in the retail, consumer products, and professional services industries are looking at online and social networking as a means of growing revenues, and reaching new markets. The rush of new technologies, greater adoption by Canadian consumers, and heightened awareness of the potential benefits are driving companies to revisit their online/digital presence. ember advisory addresses digital from a market perspective: how do your customers and prospects want to engage with you and your products and services?  From that basis we can work with you and your team to identify a customized strategy that is right for your business.