The Big Fish Awards

The Event:

Friends and colleagues gathered on Thursday, May 29th for an evening of celebration and storytelling. The date marked the official launch of my new business: ember advisory (

According to Wikipedia, "Storytelling" is the conveying of events in words, and images, often by improvisation

We gathered a troupe of improvisors who know how to spin a tale and challenged them to connect their story to a topic close to my heart: technology. Our audience selected the winner of the first Big Fish Award for the best tech tale...

The Winner:


The winner of the first annual Big Fish Award for Best tech Talk was... Daniel Parkinson for his story "Ping and Maria". This heart warming tale begins in Shanghai with Ping, a family man and maker of bicycle wheels. A few double clicks and we're transported to rural Nicaragua where Maria, a 17 year old girl, dreams of studying to become a veterinarian. Dan connects the two worlds with a story of hope enabled by simple technology, a bicycle wheel...that changes Maria's prospects for a better life.

Congratulations Dan, and to all the brave storytellers who took the stage last evening.

The Stories: